As a Haitian woman and visual artist, Dr. Tanisha Thelemaque uses her lived experiences to inform her work. She is devoted to making the world a more beautiful place through her advocacy, connection to others, and art.

Dr. Tanisha Thelemaque has developed and overseen quality improvement projects, led teams of people from different professional and cultural backgrounds, and developed programs that last long after she has left an institution.

She is a content developer with an intersectional eye who has consulted with start-ups around diversity-related issues and developed curriculum to instruct others on how to build stronger teams. She has also presented her work at international conferences and within numerous professional organizations.

Educational and Clinical Background

Dr. Thelemaque graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arcadia University with a B.A. in Psychology with minors in Spanish and History. She also completed leadership courses and projects through her role in the Honors Program.

She obtained her M.S. and Ph.D. from Saint Louis University with a specialization in trauma. She completed a generalist program, which meant that she worked in almost every setting imaginable, including college counseling centers, VA Medical Centers, outpatient primary care clinics, and community mental health. She also did all of this while juggling classes every semester, neuropsychology cases, and lots of research (she loves data!).

She completed her pre-doctoral internship as well as her post-doctoral fellowship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Her internship focused on health psychology while her fellowship centered on Evidence-Based Psychotherapy in General Outpatient Mental Health, Women’s Mental Health, and Integrated Primary Care. Her patients once called her the busiest woman at the VA and they weren’t wrong! She worked in about 10 clinics including the Neuropsychology Clinic, Women’s Clinic, Pain Clinic, Infectious Disease Clinic, General Mental Health Clinic, and Integrated Care Clinic.

Research Interests

● Race-Based Traumatic Stress in People of Color ● Intersections of Gender, Race, and Trauma ● Impact of Colorism on Black Americans ● Interpersonal Violence and Physical Appearance ● Women’s Issues ●

Clinical Specializations

● Life Transitions ● Racial, Sexual, and Gender Identity Development ● Race-Based Trauma ● Depression ● Anxiety ● LGBTQ+ issues ● Black and Latinx Issues ● Immigration ●

Treatment Modalities

● Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ● Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ● Psychodynamic Therapy ● Interpersonal Psychotherapy ● Skills Training in Affective and Interpersonal Regulation ●

Typical Therapy Clients

●Women of color exploring their multifaceted identities and how they want to show up in the world. ● Queer-identified, transgender, or exploring their gender or sexual identity. People with a direct connection to immigration exploring how they can navigate multiple cultural identities at once. ●

**Dr. Thelemaque is not currently accepting new therapy clients at the lower end of the sliding scale and has limited availability, so she will review new clients on a case-by-case basis**

What Dr. Thelemaque Offers

Dr. Thelemaque has devoted her career to advocacy, teaching, and fostering inclusive environments. She has over 7 years of experience conducting social justice-oriented work focused on teaching, research, and program development to improve the lives of those most marginalized by oppressive systems.

Free Phone Consultation

You and Dr. Thelemaque discuss what working with a highly trained clinician will be like, pricing, and answer any questions you have!* If you both decide that she is not a good fit for your needs, she will provide you with other resources.

Virtual Therapy

This is a place of healing, understanding, and forward movement toward the person you want to be with Dr. Thelemaque as a guide. She has expertise in the treatment of mood, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. She has a background working with a variety of presenting concerns that center around interpersonal relationships, living according to one’s values, and weathering a life transition successfully.

Dr. Thelemaque uses an integrative approach that is, overall, person-centered, radically genuine, and intersectional (e.g., how your race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, age, etc. impact your current issues).

Dr. Thelemaque challenges you to be the most direction driven version of yourself through empathetic listening, warmth, and authenticity. She models expressing yourself in a genuine way by laughing with you, and even shedding a tear with you. She will assign you work outside of session to guide you toward your goals and is willing to adjust plans as needed.

Workshops, Speaking, & Consultation

As an expert in her field with almost a decade of clinical, research, and teaching experience, Dr. Thelemaque provides talks on various topics and provides clinical guidance to organizations as well as individuals. She uses humor, role plays, interactive guides, and engaging presentations to teach anti-racist, LGBTQ+ affirmative, and trauma-informed skills.

Let’s build something together!

Still have questions? Review the FAQ sections about working with Dr. T therapeutically.

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