Whether you are seeking therapy, clinical guidance, or additional training on being an anti-oppressive organization, Dr. Thelemaque is able to help!


I intentionally use the sunset and autumn to represent the transitions in life that we all encounter. We continually evolve and grow from one stage of life to the next. From one understanding of self and the world to another. 

As a facilitator and therapist, I help individuals and organizations develop, transition, and change for the better. It can be scary traveling into the unknown during a long season of change. However, I act as a guide to help create a metamorphosis that’s aligned with your values.

A realignment that points you closer to your most intentional self.

I am the ideal combination of bold, honest, and compassionate. I use humor, interesting metaphors, and interactive examples to introduce unique topics.

I help people turn their values into actions.

Dr. Lawhon – Clinical Psychologist

“In everything she does, Dr. Tanisha Thelemaque epitomizes an extraordinary mix of intelligence, creativity, and integrity, leavened by warmth and wit.

Dr. Steinmetz – Clinical Psychologist

Her authenticity and approachability bring people together encouraging open and constructive communication. I frequently turn to Tanisha for her consultation on clinical and professional matters given her broad range of expertise. These interactions have broadened my perspective and inspired my thirst for continued learning.

Former Client

“Dr. Thelemaque is incredibly supportive, encouraging, and gives invaluable guidance and feedback. I have relied on her a lot for career advice and she knows exactly what to say to help motivate me to take action..”


Are you struggling to find your path in life? Are you trying to improve your relationships with others and yourself?

Are you planning a major change in your life and need someone you can trust to guide you?

Clinical Consultation

Are you struggling to be truly anti-racist in how you practice and conceptualize cases? Do you need practical skills to grow your knowledge?

Facilitation & Workshops

Are you in an organization trying to embody your values of trust, equity, and inclusion? Do you need engaging and interactive content to help you learn?

Land Acknowledgment

My practice is located on land that was stolen through violence from Indigenous groups in the Bay Area including the Ramaytush Ohlone people in what is now known as San Francisco. It’s important to honor the history of mass genocide enacted by the Spanish (through colonization) and United States government (esp. following the Gold Rush). The Indigenous community continues to persist to this day despite ongoing experiences of racism and other forms of intersectional oppression. I recommend learning more and determining how you can positively impact the lives of indigenous folx in your local area today.

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