“We must recognize and nurture the creative parts of each other without always understanding what will be created.” - Audre Lorde

Whether you are seeking therapy, clinical guidance, or additional training on being an anti-oppressive organization, Dr. Thelemaque is able to help!


V.I.A. was created so that I could provide virtual therapy, consultation, and teaching to individuals and organizations who want to be anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and transformed.

I use evidence-based, culturally informed skills to translate your values into meaningful actions.

As a facilitator and therapist, I help individuals and organizations develop, transition, and change for the better. I am the ideal combination of bold, honest, and compassionate. I use humor, interesting metaphors, and interactive examples in her approach to introduce unique topics.

What V.I.A. Can Offer You


Are you struggling to find your path in life? Are you trying to improve your relationships with others and yourself? Are you planning a major change in your life and need someone you can trust to guide you?


Are you struggling to be truly anti-racist in how you practice and conceptualize cases? Do you need practical skills to grow your knowledge?

Facilitation & Workshops

Are you in an organization trying to embody your values of trust, equity, and inclusion? Do you need engaging and interactive content to help you learn?

Start your journey today

Don’t wait to get the support you need!

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