I help people connect more deeply with themselves and others. I help them grow and leverage their positionality to help others on their growth journey.
Race-Based Trauma

My academic research focused on the mental health consequences of race-based trauma for people of color. I have also developed interventions and curriculum that allow BIPOC folks, clinicians, and organizations combat racial trauma and promote healing.

I have presented my racial trauma work at international conferences.

I also have expertise on historical trauma and internalized racism, which I have developed workshops and clinical techniques to help others begin the journey of working through.

LGBTQIA+ Community

As a member of the community, I take pride in offering comprehensive and thoughtful care to folks along the spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

I provide gender and queer-affirming care focused on embodiment and healing. I am also a trainer who creates workshops about LGBTQIA+ affirming and intersectional care for BIPOC folks, which I have provided to 100s of clinicians.


I am developing a sub-specialty in working with journalists who are exposed to occupational chronic stress and trauma.

I have a strong appreciation for the role of journalism in society, and consider it a privilege to work with news professionals. I have received training from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University on the professional culture and occupational challenges of journalists.

I have also received training from the Freedom of the Press Foundation on best practices for digital security when using telehealth technology.

Women and Gender-Specific Issues

I have developed a specialty in working with cisgender and transgender women as well as non-binary individuals. I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center focused on Evidence-Based Psychotherapy with a special focus on Women’s Mental Health. Our Women’s Clinic also housed the Trans Clinic.

I received training about the unique health issues that women and those along the spectrum of gender identity face and helped my clients work through issues like postpartum depression.

I also developed group curriculum focused on empowering women with serious mental illness through art and creative expression.

Trauma-Related Disorders

I completed a graduate school specialization in trauma, which means that I have conducted research on PTSD (and trauma-related disorders) and completed courses addressing trauma across the lifespan.

I have worked extensively with clients experiencing PTSD following intimate partner violence, sexual trauma, combat exposure, and other life threatening events.

I currently work with the National Center for PTSD and complete psychological evaluations to help people understand their trauma. I also provide lectures to impacted communities coping with trauma.

“In everything she does, Dr. Tanisha Thelemaque epitomizes an extraordinary mix of intelligence, creativity, and integrity, leavened by warmth and wit.”

Former Colleague

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