Workshops and Speaking

Dr. Thelemaque devoted her career to advocacy, teaching, and fostering inclusive environments.

She has over 7 years of experience conducting social justice-oriented work such as teaching about the mental health needs of people at the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation. She has also instructed on how to combat vicarious trauma in therapists, addressing unconscious bias, and minimizing race-based traumatic stress symptoms in clients.

Dr. Thelemaque’s research interests have focused on the mental health impacts of racial discrimination within Black American populations with an emphasis on the intersections of trauma and gender.

Dr. Thelemaque has presented her work at numerous professional conferences. For example, Dr. Thelemaque co-created a manual for conducting race-based traumatic stress group interventions, which she presented on at the 34th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.  She remains committed to teaching others about the ways disenfranchised populations are affected by larger social issues to create a more equitable world.

Selected Workshops (developed & led)

LGBTQ+ People of Color

Being an Anti-oppressive Therapist: Effective Practices for Working with
LGBTQIA+ People of Color
Engaging in Intersectional Gender Affirming Care
Navigating the Unique Experiences of LGBTQ+ Clients of Color
An Exploration of Intersectional Discrimination: Impact on and Clinical
Implications for working with QTPOC
LGBTQ+ People of Color: Issues and Clinical Considerations

Race-Based Trauma & Inclusion

Embodying Culturally Responsive Care: Using Emotional Regulation and Values-Based Skills to decrease Race-Based Stress Symptoms Part 2
Embodying Culturally Responsive Care: Using Emotional Regulation and Values-
Based Skills to decrease Race-Based Stress Symptoms Part 1
Addressing Racial Trauma: Exploring how to Understand and Respond to Race-
Based Stress
Fostering Inclusion: An Introduction to Unconscious Bias
An Introduction to the Race Based Stress and Empowerment Group

Physical, Psychological, and Vicarious Trauma

San Francisco VA Women’s Clinic Safety Experiences Survey, Monthly Mental Health All Service Meeting
Values-Based Resilience when Dealing with Vicarious Trauma
Understanding Psychological and Physical Safety within the San Francisco VA Women’s Clinic
Promoting Psychological, Emotional, and Physical Safety in Women Veterans, Gender, and Sexual Minority Veterans, and Women’s Clinic Staff

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing in Primary Care Settings
Using Motivational Interviewing in Cardiatric Primary Care

Interested in having me speak with you or at your organization?

Dr. Thelemaque works collaboratively with clients to ensure that she understands the goals of the presentation, size of the group, and participants’ familiarity with the topic so that she can best engage the audience.

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