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I have worked with everyone from those in media, like Warner Bros. Discovery (formerly WarnerMedia), to folks developing group therapy practices. When working with any person or organization, I believe that having a thoughtful, intentional approach works best. Hence, I have created a phase-based approach so that we can continue learning and growing at a steady pace.

I am your guide through a potentially complex time of growth and change. With any change comes challenge or stress, but always remember that I am at your side to help you grow – not to hold you to an unrealistic standard of perfection.

The Phase-Based Approach

Building a roadmap

We always start with a 30-minute meeting to discuss your needs and how I can best support you. By the end of our meeting, I should understand what you are hoping for and you should understand why you want to work with me. 

Understanding where you are.

A tailored 'Climate Survey' is developed. The goal is to ask specially tailored questions to gain insights about any areas of strength and potential places for growth or transformation. 

Preparing for the Journey ahead

After understanding the metaphorical land all around us, we forge a path forward. Just like any journey, we develop a plan, gather resources, and do not travel alone. 

Continuing our Journey.

I continue guiding you in building a transformed internal infrastructure where you learn new skills. I develop workshops, help you prioritize needs, and have monthly check-ins.

This plan is tailored to the needs of your organization, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This is long-term work that reaps continual rewards.

Maintaining Growth

My ultimate goal is to eventually become obsolete. In other words, those within the organization will have the tools necessary to keep going and feel empowered to use them. To this end, we collaboratively develop a long-term strategy with periodic check ins to make sure you feel prepared to continue the journey with less hands-on support.

Interested in learning more?

As a clinician, educator, and consultant, Tanisha brings a clear-eyed and engaging energy and focus that invites her clients, learners, and colleagues to lean forward and to joyfully join in the work at hand.


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