What is a coach?

Our coaches are highly skilled guides with which clients develop professional relationships. Coaches help you navigate difficult situations, set goals, and live life more fully.

Our coaches have a variety of specialties. This means that we have a wide range of services that we offer, and you should explore what makes the most sense for you. However, the coaching relationship relies on a match between your goals and the individual style of the coach offering services. Therefore, it is important to read about our coaches and decide who may fit your needs the best.

Effective coaching requires regular meetings and check-ins that can occur in person, online, or by telephone. During the first meeting, information about the clients’ issues, values, and long-term goals. We also discuss important details related to coaching. These include payment, expectations of the professional relationship, the length of coaching, and what plan would be most effective to target your goals.

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What a coach is not.

A life coach is not a therapist. 

Although all of our life coaches at V.I.A. hold PhDs in psychology, they are not providing therapy services unless previously agreed upon.  High levels of emotional and psychological distress makes it difficult to create positive change in your life and requires more support than can be ethically provided during life-coaching.

To learn more about the differences between a coach and a therapy and to see other available therapy options, refer to our Coaching vs. Therapy section here.

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