Types of Coaching

There are many types of coaching to fit your unique personal and professional goals. The list below is not meant to be exhaustive. Rather, it is meant to give you ideas of how we can best support you.

A.D.H.D. Coaching

Although medications help, people living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.) may need additional guidance to help with planning, time management, and organization skills. An ADHD coach is a life coach trained to help you manage your life, improve your organizational skills, and set specific goals. In addition to teaching practical skills, our coaches are also great sources of encouragement and feedback.

Who on our team can help you

  • Dr. Cowden Hindash and Dr. Thelemaque are specially trained to work with people with A.D.H.D. 

Career & Education Coaching

Our goal is to support individuals in making thoughtful, savvy choices about their career paths. We use a solution-focused approach to generate an action plan with defined steps. These steps ensure that people can achieve their goals and create rewarding, life-long careers.

Who on our team can help you

  • Dr. Thelemaque and Dr. Norona-Flores are first-generation students with advanced degrees and expertise in making dreams a reality.

Cross Cultural Coaching

This type of coaching enables leaders and teams to be more effective in navigating cross-cultural interactions while working in a safe, supportive, and confidential space.

Who on our team can help you

  • Dr. Thelemaque is an expert in minority-related (e.g., women, people of color, LGTBQIA+) issues who has engaged in research and specialized training  involving under-represented groups. 

Dating & Relationship Coaching

The goal of this type of coaching is to help people find joy in all their relationships, including non-romantic relationships. People do not need to be in a relationship to seek out a coach.

Who on our team can help you

  • Dr. Norona-Flores has worked with (and studied) relationships for years. 

Life Skills Coaching

Life skills coaching enables people to discover success in their careers and lives through a focus on work-life balance, self-care, and goal-setting.

Who on our team can help you

  • Dr. Thelemaque and Dr. Cowden Hindash are both skilled and well-trained in changing lives for the better.

Wellness Coaching

Everyone has emotional and physical health goals. Sometimes it takes the guidance, motivation, and reliability of a coach to achieve these goals in a way that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Who on our team can help you

  • Dr. Cowden Hindash has years of experience improving the lives of others through holistic methods. 
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