As a multiethnic woman with a background in psychology working as a life coach, I want to contribute to a person’s understanding of themselves, their goals, and what would create a fulfilling life for them as an individual.

As such, our work is about who, what, and where you want to be. My only assumption is that you are valuable and deserve a fulfilling life. Only you know what you want and need in your life and I will work as your guide, cheerleader, and planner to help you gain a life consistent with your values, your experience, and what you want to be going forward.

Who am I?

Compassionate – empathetic – realistic and practical – leader – problem solver – easy laugher – curious – big picture minded – genuine – health oriented – balance minded – always learning – accepting

I have trained a range of other individuals (including medical professionals, academic professionals, students, and everyday people) in behavior management and change, mindfulness and meditation, wellness and overall healthy lifestyles, work-life balance, prioritizing values over convenience, organization, and life-path planning. For instance, I’ve taught courses on behavior strategies for change, the philosophy of self-control, overcoming and growing from life’s disappointments and obstacles. I have worked to teach others to use their intuition and intellect to see multiple paths to solve problems from systemic inequities largely, share their perspective in change making ways, and discover how to balance their own needs with the demands of the outside world.

Our work together

Our work may include working towards physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle choices, learning to prioritize yourself, and finding and effectively using your personal strengths to succeed in what can often feel like tough or unaccepting environments. My goal is to help you find a path that moves you towards who, what, and where you want to be. I want to understand you and your values so that I can help you live a healthy, joyful life.  If we can break down the barriers keeping you from living your most fulfilling life, then we can unlock your potential to enrich the world.


I am a coach with a background in psychology. My coaching involves two areas: dating and higher education.

Photo by William Stitt via Unsplash

Dating Coaching

Forming intimate relationships is a complicated process, and one that most of us didn’t learn about in school.  As a coach, my goal is to help teach people about establishing and fostering healthy romantic relationships that are in line with their personal values. This includes creating a collaborative and supportive connection with clients through helping them identify their relationship values, navigate finding romantic partners and maintaining healthy relationships, and provide education about dating practices. I believe that individual identities, including sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship identity (e.g., monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory) are important facets to incorporate in understanding an individual’s relationship values. Overall, my hope is that we can uncover what you value in a romantic relationship, how you see yourself as a romantic partner, and how to help you become more effective in getting and keeping the relationships you want.

Education Coaching

In addition to helping people form close relationships, I also have a passion for helping students navigate the transition to college and the pursuit of higher education. As the child of first-generation Filipino and Chinese immigrants, I have learned first-hand that navigating higher education can be difficult to do alone. I am here to help with the college application process and choosing a major in college, as well as the graduate school application process, selecting a research mentor, and finding professional experiences that will bolster your skill sets for your future career. In solidarity, it is my hope to walk side-by-side with students of color as they pursue their dreams.


This is also not a place where I tell my clients how the live their lives, or give them orders.  This is a place of healing, understanding, and forward movement toward the person you want to be with me as a guide. 

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My Approach

I work with people on motivation, mindfulness, stress management skills, and organization. I typically focus on life transitions, such as career or relationship changes, but I am trained to work with a variety concerns, including emotional wellness, life skills, boundary setting, and overall personal growth.  I challenge people to be the best, most successful versions of themselves in their careers, relationships, and overall mental health. 

My intersectional approach is also an important component of my work. I strive to understand how your race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, age, etc. impact your current issues so that we can use all of your strengths and areas of resiliency to overcome whatever mental blocks you are experiencing. 

I create a unique, personalized coaching plan with each of my clients that guides the work we do together. I act as an accountability buddy to ensure that things get done. While I provide you with new skills to organize your life and make your goals a reality, I also use your strengths to shape what our sessions and determine our coaching path. 

What I believe.

I am curious about how individuals develop their sense of self, I advocate and foster the skills of all people, especially those traditionally marginalized for their race, gender, age, etc.

One way to find the key that unlocks the road to success is to focus on a person’s goals, wishes, and desires for one’s life while understanding the unique interaction between the self and the environment. As a woman of color with my own unique intersections, I strive to understand my clients and discover innovative ways to help them achieve their goals in a way that feels authentic.

Things I have done.

I have assisted people in gaining life skills. For instance, I taught ex-offenders coping & communication skills that helped them gain employment and reintegrate into society. I have taught people of color to overcome race-based trauma and stress through mindfulness and empowerment-based skills.

I have trained others (including business leaders, medical professionals, and everyday people) in person-focused, empathetic communication, and awareness of diversity-related issues.  For example, I’ve created workshops on racial identity development, gender identity development, inter-group or cross-racial dialogues, and effective communication. I also have managed teams. I was once a co-director of a community-based medical clinic servicing low-income, uninsured people while managing a group of over over 10 leaders from different backgrounds and levels of training

I love a challenge and I love helping people accomplish goals that they never imagined they could conquer.