Workshops and Speaking

As speakers and educators, we aim to make evidence-based mental health and wellness information easy to understand, engaging, and tailored to your particular group.

Examples of presentation topics:

  • Stress management
  • Workplace wellness or the work/life balance
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Facilitating the growth of women and people of color in leadership
  • Navigating role transitions and interpersonal conflicts
  • Addressing race and microaggressions in the workplace

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure that we understand the goals of the presentation, size of the group, and participants’ familiarity with the topic so that we can best engage the audience.

Please note that all of our coaches are PhD-level professionals who can speak to more than just the limited number of examples provided above.
  • Tanisha has done everything from tutoring elementary statistics to running a medical clinic.  She has trained medical professionals on how to implement person-focused, empathetic communication in their everyday practice with low-income and minority patients. She has developed workshops on racial identity development, gender identity development, inter-group or cross-racial dialogues, and effective communication. Tanisha is also a born-leader who was the first non-medical doctor to co-direct a community-based primary care clinic, so she knows how to successfully lead and manage groups of people from different backgrounds and levels of training. You are missing out on a fresh, unique perspective if you don’t have her on your team.
  • Jerika has given presentations to professionals about relationship dynamics and healthy communication practices. Additionally, she has worked with college students in both tutoring and mentoring roles to support learning in various content areas of psychology, as well as to assist with applications to post-baccalaureate programs.
  • Alexandra knows emotions well. She has trained everyone from medical professions to everyday people in behavior management and change, wellness, work-life balance, meditation, and life planning. Alexandra is a compassionate and straightforward leader who uses her expansive knowledge of human behavior to motivate others to shape a client’s life-path.

Fee and Payments:

VariableOur rates vary depending on several factors and we like to be sensitive to your budget needs.

Each coach has a typical hourly fee of $120. However, we may work with an organization, team, or person on an individual basis and determine if a lower fee is appropriate. Please contact us and ask! Or, we can set a formal consultation time to discuss more  details.

We accept cash, check, and credit card payments, which can be completed in person or securely online through Square and PayPal.*

*Note there is a 3% fee for credit card payments.  

Consultation Fee

We offer PhD-level coaching, workshops, and training in a variety of areas. We welcome any inquiries about what we can offer. For your convenience, you may conveniently and securely purchase an hour-long consultation through PayPal today! Note: The price below includes the 3% credit card fee.


To work with our skilled coaches, please schedule an appointment (purchase not required). You may pay for our services at the time of the consultation via cash, card, or check.

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