As coaches, we provide you with the structure, tools, and road-map toward making a change in your life. Many people know how they want their life to be different, whether it’s finding a fulfilling job, a satisfying dating life, or the ability to relax. Life coaching can be helpful when you get stuck and feel unable to make the changes you envision.

We offer Coaching Services to everyone regardless of social identity (e.g., race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, etc.).

What are some common focuses of coaching?

Anyone can benefit from coaching! Whether you are considering a career change, trying to live a healthier lifestyle, attempting to better manage your stress, or want to communicate more effectively, one of our talented coaches can assist you throughout your transition. 

We have detailed information about the types of coaching here.

Although coaching can improve many areas of your life and our coaches will support you, coaching services are not psychotherapy. High levels of emotional distress make it difficult to create positive change in your life and requires more support than can be ethically provided during life-coaching.

Learn more about the difference between coaching and psychotherapy here.

Fees and Payments:

We are flexible in pricing and an accommodate the financial circumstances of the people who want to work with us. Typically, the rate is $120 per 50 to 60-minute coaching session. We reserve a limited number of reduced rate coaching sessions for lower income individuals (with proof of income).

Please ask us about our lowered rates! 

We accept cash, check, and credit card payments.*

We hold in-person, Skype, and telephone meetings that flexibly fit the needs of our clients.

*Note: There is a 3% service fee (less than $5) for using credit card payments.

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